Air Fryer Pizza Recipe

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How you can Make Air Fryer Pizza with Step-by-Step Directions

An entire printable recipe and the measurements in each US customary and metric can be found under.

How you can Set Up Your Air Fryer
To start with, set the air fryer’s temperature to 375°F (190°C). That is to make sure that the fryer is on the perfect temperature to ship that crispy crust and melting cheese when your pizza is able to be positioned inside. Contemplating how rapidly air fryers warmth up, this course of will not take lengthy!

To maintain the air fryer basket from sticking, flippantly spray it with olive oil. Now take your pizza crust and put it within the basket, store-bought or handmade.

For an extra golden end, merely brush or spray with olive oil. Subsequent, equally distribute your over the muse, giving the crust a ½-inch border. This ensures an excellent sauce-to-dough ratio in each chunk.

Unfold the mozzarella equally over the bottom of your pizza utilizing mozzarella balls or thinly sliced mozzarella.

Recall that mild pizza toppings are perfect for air-fried pizzas. Thus, watch out to slice your additional toppings thinly should you’re including issues like sliced mushrooms or banana peppers.


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